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Three priorities for New Environment Secretary

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John Brady in News
15 July 2014

OneKind congratulates Liz Truss MP on her appointment as the UK Environment Secretary. The Department that she leads, DEFRA, has responsibility for...

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Number of experiments on animals in Great Britain rises again

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Libby Anderson in NewsCampaigns
10 July 2014

OneKind and other animal welfare organisations are shocked by the continued upward trend in experimentation, when alternatives to animal experiments...

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Animal welfare and human health – reasons to protect antibiotics

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Libby Anderson in AnimalsNews
09 July 2014

Last week, David Cameron announced a new expert review of the antibiotic resistance crisis. But nothing was said about the risks to human health from...

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Pig in intensive farm

The Culling Cycle

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John Brady in News
11 June 2014

Don‘t know what sparked my interest in rats. May have been reading James Herbert’s The Rats as a teenager. Or more likely the joy when I...

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Cover of Rattus Norvegicus

No Wild Animal Circus ban in Queens’s speech

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John Brady in Campaigns
06 June 2014

Bill to ban wild animals from Circuses in England fails to appearMost members of the public would have looked at the Queens Speech on Wednesday...

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Spreading the OneKind word

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Louise Robertson in Campaigns
04 June 2014

If ever there was any doubt about OneKind’s remit stretching beyond Scotland, the last few weeks have well and truly proven that it does. With...

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EU Parliament elections

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Libby Anderson in Animals
21 May 2014

A number of supporters have asked our advice on who to vote for in tomorrows EU Parliament elections. As a charity OneKind can’t support any...

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EU elections 2014

Animals make their mark in Scottish Parliament

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Libby Anderson in News
16 May 2014

A successful week of Celebrating Animals in the Scottish Parliament culminated in an assurance from the Cabinet Secretary responsible for animal...

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At Scottish parliament

S.24 repeal comes a step closer

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Libby Anderson in Campaigns
01 May 2014

A UK government consultation launched today offers the prospect of greater transparency about the use of animals in experiments.  Animal welfare...

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Rabbit in cage

FAWC seeks views on CCTV in slaughterhouses

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Libby Anderson in AnimalsCampaigns
29 April 2014

The welfare of farm animals at slaughter in the United Kingdom is a major concern for OneKind supporters and many members of the public. Undercover...

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