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OneKind runs campaigns to improve the lives of animals by affecting public policy - together we can create a more compassionate world. 

Justice for the Glenogil foxes

So don’t let the Glenogil foxes die in vain. Please sign this open letter, which calls for a complete ban on all snares in Scotland. We will submit it with everyone’s name behind it to the new Scottish Government immediately after the May elections. This will send a powerful message that we want urgent action to ban snares and prevent such cruelty from ever happening again.

Please take action now! Sign the open letter calling for the Scottish Government to make the Glenogil foxes the last to die in the grip of a snare.

More for Scotland’s Animals

Our wildlife, pets and farm animals all need better laws that protect them from cruelty and give them better lives. The next MSPs will have the power to introduce these laws, but they will only do it if they understand how important animals are to their constituents.

Homes are no place for monkey business

The problem

Thousands of primates are being confined in UK homes. Marmosets, capuchins and squirrel monkeys are among some of primates being kept as pets, destined for life-long suffering in an unnatural environment. Many of these animals have been found to be socially isolated and kept in cramped and barren conditions.

The solution

We believe the welfare needs of primates can never be met in a house, shed or garden cage and that these complex animals are unsuitable companion animals. 15 European countries have already introduced bans on keeping primates as pets, for either all or some species. We now call on the governments in the UK to follow.

Welfare in the Wild

The problem

Wild animals in the UK get a rough deal. They suffer as a result of human persecution and are not protected by law to the same extent farmed and domestic animals are. Wild animals are often victims of trapping, snaring, hunting and culling yet their ability to feel pain and suffer is no different to any other animal.

The solution

OneKind works to expose the suffering of wild animals caused by a lack of legislation. This along with a Government endorsed Wild Animal Welfare Committee, a UK-wide ban on snaring, better protection for seals, an end to culling of species perceived as ‘pests’, and more effective enforcement of wildlife crimes will help get the message across that wild animals are not fair game.