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Stop the Mountain Hare slaughter

We care for the mountain hare and call on the Scottish Parliament to urgently introduce greater protection for this iconic species that is native to Scotland. We believe that the indiscriminate and ruthless slaughter of Scotland’s mountain hares is unacceptable and must be stopped immediately.

Ban electric shock collars

Please take this action and email Roseanna Cunningham MSP, the Cabinet Secretary with responsibility for the government’s consultation on e-collars, asking her to follow the example of Wales and ban these devices once and for all.

Justice for the Glenogil foxes

So don’t let the Glenogil foxes die in vain. Please sign this open letter, which calls for a complete ban on all snares in Scotland. We will submit it with everyone’s name behind it to the new Scottish Government immediately after the May elections. This will send a powerful message that we want urgent action to ban snares and prevent such cruelty from ever happening again.

Please take action now! Sign the open letter calling for the Scottish Government to make the Glenogil foxes the last to die in the grip of a snare.

More for Scotland’s Animals

Our wildlife, pets and farm animals all need better laws that protect them from cruelty and give them better lives. The next MSPs will have the power to introduce these laws, but they will only do it if they understand how important animals are to their constituents.