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Humans have a persistent need to believe there is other intelligent life out there in the universe, when actually there is other intelligent life out there, and much closer than we think.

This little film we produced in 2010 was a finalist in the 2011 Youtube Charity Film Awards 2011. Join the OneKind movement - Like us on Facebook or sign up for email updates.

Nicki Bailey's avatar
Nicki Bailey on 10/10/2010

Brilliant - gave me goosebumps! xxx

anne clark's avatar
anne clark on 10/10/2010

what a film, truly inspiring, wow.
I love the idea of onekind.
well done!

Sue Sayer's avatar
Sue Sayer on 10/10/2010

OMG I have goosebumps and simply can’t believe I am welling up! If only everyone in the world lived their lives unpinned by the belief! Thanks and well done. Great concept!

Baxter Tocher's avatar
Baxter Tocher on 10/10/2010

Excellent stuff, guys. You should be proud. Another level next…

Richard Tassell's avatar
Richard Tassell on 10/10/2010


Adrian Doherty's avatar
Adrian Doherty on 10/10/2010

Excellent video - well done…

Vivienne Moir's avatar
Vivienne Moir on 10/10/2010

Wow, amazing film. Really brings the message home. Great work guys.

Linda 's avatar
Linda on 10/10/2010

Brilliant. Great work

Catriona's avatar
Catriona on 11/10/2010

AMAZING!! Thanks to everyone involved in making this incredible piece! Goose-bumps and shivers all over…

Angela Robinson's avatar
Angela Robinson on 11/10/2010

Brilliant ! Really moving ..

Lou Lanos's avatar
Lou Lanos on 11/10/2010

Great movie, great message grin Really gave me the goosebumps!! Well done guys

Wendy Higgins's avatar
Wendy Higgins on 11/10/2010

I was really moved by the OneKind movie, big congrats to Fiona and the team, what a clever idea!

Sue Baumgardt's avatar
Sue Baumgardt on 11/10/2010

Excellent - obvious really if only people would wake up and look.

Will Price's avatar
Will Price on 11/10/2010

Great stuff, beautifully shot.

Lis Key's avatar
Lis Key on 13/10/2010

Superb. And conveys a message that is staring us all in the face in such a compelling way. Excellent and very moving.

SOLI gRAVES's avatar
SOLI gRAVES on 13/10/2010

We’re all animals on this planet - just different species.

hugh c mccaw's avatar
hugh c mccaw on 14/10/2010

what a wonderful world it would be if we spent more time embracing the amazing animals we are surrounded by and the complexity of life forms we have, rather than exploring other planets for new species we can destroy. Wonderful film!!

wendy allard's avatar
wendy allard on 15/10/2010

Yes a amazing film. Very moving to watch. It really gets the right message accross. Well done.

Maria 's avatar
Maria on 18/10/2010

one word of it… wonderful

Dags's avatar
Dags on 31/10/2010

quite moving

jackie's avatar
jackie on 07/11/2010

Made me cry.

Natalia's avatar
Natalia on 09/11/2010

What a beautiful video smile You’ve lifted my spirits! How beautiful is this world we live in, one day every single living being on this earth shall get the respect they deserve. Great work keep it up!

Jacqui's avatar
Jacqui on 10/11/2010

Absolutely brilliant - Love it!!!

Dave press's avatar
Dave press on 14/11/2010

hope u managed to get back to those carrots Rach,
what were u cooking.. nice northen hot pot?

emmakylex's avatar
emmakylex on 14/11/2010

Outstand… magically horrific.