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OneKind Household Products Report

The UK spends millions of pounds every week on household products, with supermarket shelves and kitchen cupboards dominated by products from a small number of multinational giant manufacturers. They come in attractive packaging, they smell nice and they have a job to do.

We may not associate these products with animal welfare problems, because they don't appear to have animal tested or animal derived ingredients. At present, however, animals can still be subjected to painful and distressing experiments so that we can access ever more 'new and improved' products to clean and decorate our houses.

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OneKind Manifesto General Election 2015

Compassion, respect and protection of animals must be the responsibility of everyone. Parliament can make a huge difference by setting a clear agenda to prioritise the welfare and protection of animals.

The OneKind Manifesto hopes to influence and encourage policy makers towards an agenda which recognises the importance of animal welfare by making recommendations in five key areas.
These include:

  • Animals kept as pets and the pet trade
  • Welfare of animals in the wild
  • Animals used in experiments
  • Animals used in food production
  • Animals used for entertainment

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Pet Origins - the case for reform of UK pet vending legislation

This briefing draws on original fieldwork and information published by many organisations with firsthand experience of pet vending issues to describe an industry which has become simply too large and too unregulated, with severe consequences for animal welfare and consumers.

Download Pet Origins - the case for reform of UK pet vending legislation

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11 June 2012

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Goshawk caught in cage

No court proceedings for beating crows to death

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13 February 2012

OneKind field officer witnesses crows killed in a cage, but prosecution is dropped. Take Action! A man is seen and...

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Cage trap on shooting estate

SnareWatch’ initiative: A OneKind field officer’s view

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03 October 2011

As a field research officer, my job is to uncover the truth and supply material to support the facts on a particular...

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