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Throughout this Olympic summer, the world has witnessed the most amazing feats of human strength, courage and versatility. So who needs to see an elephant balancing on a ball

Elephant balancing on ball

OneKind campaigns for an end to the use of all animals in travelling circuses. Donate now and help end animal circuses in the UK.

The travelling circus life means that animals spend hours confined in menagerie tents and on lorries, often shackled or tethered and trained to perform unnatural tricks. Sometimes, they are beaten and degraded.

You can help us save animals from needless suffering.

Please give what you can today to support this vital campaign.

With your support, we’re working to show national and local government that the use of animals in travelling circuses is wrong.

With one circus currently facing charges in England, we don’t think government should wait to see another disgraceful example of cruelty exposed.

OneKind wants to see the use of wild animals in circuses banned immediately, in both England and Scotland. And we are educating the public not to watch domesticated animals such as horses, dogs and budgies, in circuses. You can donate today to help end animal circuses.

What have we achieved?

The UK government has promised to ban the use of wild animals in circuses in England. But not yet. We must keep up the pressure.

OneKind has led the way for a ban in Scotland, and the Scottish Government has now committed to a consultation on the use of wild animals in circuses. On top of that, this year has seen more councils decide not to let their land to circuses with any animals.

Animal circuses are already banned in several countries around the world. This is Britain in the 21st century. Let’s move with the times and leave circus performance to the humans.

Please donate now. Your gift will help OneKind stop animal suffering.