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OneKind runs campaigns to improve the lives of animals by affecting public policy - together we can create a more compassionate world.

Welfare in the Wild

Free-living wild animals can suffer pain and distress in the same way as pets and farmed animals. So why don’t they receive the same protection under UK law? At present, people can do things to a wild animal that would be illegal if inflicted...

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General Election 2015

On 7th May 2015 voters across the country will go to the polls to decide who will form our next Government. Animals don’t have a voice when it comes to elections but they have people like you who can help us make these elections count for...

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Come Clean On Cruelty

Do you know what you’re washing the dishes with? In 2010, the current UK Government pledged to ‘end the testing of household products on animals’. This commitment has been repeated by successive Home Office Ministers including the...

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Pet Origins

OneKind Pet Origins campaign for new pet sales legislation UK law on pet vending is long past its sell-by date. OneKind is campaigning for modern, fit-for-purpose legislation that will recognise the needs of all animals sold in the UK, whether...

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Labelling matters

Labels on intensively farmed meat and dairy products often use words and pictures that suggest the animals have lived good, free lives. But do they tell the truth about factory farming, transport and slaughter? Using language such as 'Farm Fresh'...

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Time to outlaw non-stun slaughter

Write to your Minister responsible for food policy and food labelling. You can find a sample letter and the appropriate contact details on our action page. Council Regulation 1099/2009 on the protection of animals at the time of killing was passed...

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Better lives for cows

OneKind is a partner in the Better Dairy Campaign, co-ordinated by WSPA, CIWF and Ben and Jerry’s. While many people choose not to eat dairy products on ethical grounds, the campaign recognises that there is still a huge global market for...

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Help us end animal circuses

Throughout this Olympic summer, the world has witnessed the most amazing feats of human strength, courage and versatility. So who needs to see an elephant balancing on a ball OneKind campaigns for an end to the use of all animals in travelling...

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Domestic Abuse Veterinary Intervention

The Domestic Abuse Veterinary Intervention (DAVI) addresses the shameful truth that in many homes where domestic abuse takes place, humans are not the only victims. Launched under the banner of anti-violence charity Medics Against Violence and...

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Circus animals

We all appreciate the courage and skills of human performers in the circus - it takes years of dedication and training to perform those amazing tricks. But humans have a choice about whether they take part in the circus life. Animals don’t....

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