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OneKind, formerly Advocates for Animals, is a UK-based animal protection charity working to end animal suffering through campaigns, research and education.

Research by OneKind has shown that 87 per cent of the UK public believe we are still a nation of animal lovers, and over half (58%) of the same respondents also thinks that maltreatment of animals is on the rise. Clearly, while the majority of people love and respect animals; it seems that many of us are not considerate of this in our day to day lives, and that we have lost our instinctive, natural connection with animals.

OneKind is currently a relatively small organisation and has to prioritise its focus of work with a view to effecting the most change it can for the benefit of animals. We have chosen to focus our main campaign efforts in three key areas 

Welfare in the Wild

The principal aims of the welfare in the wild campaign are;

  • To increase public awareness of wild animal welfare and the suffering undergone due to persecution by humans
  • To change the perception that because some animals pose a threat to human economic interests or are associated with risks to health, their welfare is unimportant
  • To gather support for making the law more equitable between animals in the wild and animals under the control of man
  • To reduce the persecution and unnecessary suffering of sentient wild animals in Britain by reducing the acceptability and use of traps
  • To move towards a complete ban on the use of snares in Scotland and England

Welfare in the pet trade

The aim of the pet vending campaign is to improve welfare of animals kept as pets in Scotland and England by

  • educating people to seek more information about the origins of the pets they buy and achieving review of the Pet Animals Act 1951 and breeding legislation with new regulations under Animal Health and Welfare (Scotland) Act 2006 and Animal Welfare Act 2006
  • to include more aspects of trade for example suppliers, internet

Ending experiments on animals for ‘lifestyle’ products

The aim of the End Animal Experiments campaign is to improve the welfare of animals used in animal experimentation by radically reducing the use, or eliminating the use altogether, of animals in experiments for ingredients in Household Products (HHPs) or finished HHPs. The principal aims we seek are:

  • We aim to educate, inform and change consumer behaviour by highlighting procedures commonly used on ingredients in household products. 
  • As part of this campaign we also aim to hold the UK government to account on its manifesto commitment to ban household product testing and press for ingredients to be included in the ban, not just finished products.
  • Have the UK Government repeal Section 24 of the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986 which exempts most experiments-related information from the Freedom of Information Act 2000

The strategic choices provide a concentrated focus to our work however when other issues emerge where we can add our experience and expertise, we will do so. We recognise that there are many charities doing similar work in all aspects of animal welfare. So underpinning all our campaign work is a belief that partnership and collaboration can be a good thing. That is when it avoids unnecessary duplication, or creates more momentum or a stronger voice, we will partner with appropriate like-minded organisations. 

In our strategic focus and the way we organise and collaborate we never lose sight of why we are here and why OneKind exists. We are here to improve the lives of animals and prevent cruelty and suffering. 

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