5,000 people call on Scottish Government to ban farrowing crates 04-06-24

More than 5,000 OneKind supporters have written to the Minister for Agriculture and Connectivity, Jim Fairlie, to urge the Scottish Government to consult on a phase out to farrowing crates for sows. Read more

Scottish animal welfare charity welcomes snaring ban 21-03-24

This afternoon, in a landmark moment, the Scottish Government banned snares. Read more

Campaigners and MSPs gather outside Scottish Parliament to call on Government to end greyhound racing 07-03-24

This afternoon, campaigners from the Unbound the Greyhound coalition delivered their open letter, calling for a phase out to dog racing in Scotland, to the Scottish Government. Read more

Charity calls on Scottish Government to ban cages for pigs 30-01-24

Animal welfare charity OneKind is urging the Scottish Government to uphold its commitment to consult on a phase out to cruel farrowing crates for pigs. Read more

Edinburgh-based animal welfare charity hopes never to see pandas in Scotland again 04-12-23

Edinburgh-based animal welfare charity, OneKind, has been critical of the keeping of pandas at the Zoo and hopes that people will reflect upon changing attitudes towards the captivity of wild animals for entertainment. Read more

Charities call on venues to cease Christmas events featuring reindeer 10-10-23

Eleven animal welfare organisations have signed an open letter to 225 organisations, including event organisers, NHS Trusts, care home groups, garden centres, and pub chains to ask them to cease the use of live reindeer in their Christmas celebrations. Read more

Charities welcome commencement of new hunting legislation but warn hunts will be under more scrutiny than ever before. 03-10-23

Leading animal welfare charities have welcomed the commencement of the Hunting with Dogs (Scotland) Act but warn hunts will be scrutinised like never before. Read more

Glasgow and Edinburgh lit up with calls to end greyhound racing 29-08-23

A group of 9 animal welfare organisations is sending a clear message to the Scottish Government to phase out dog racing in Scotland. Read more

Scottish animal welfare charity and patron Chris Packham welcome Scottish Government’s plan to ban snares 22-08-23

Today, the Scottish Government has announced its intention to ban the use of snares in Scotland, following decades of campaigning from Scottish animal welfare charity, OneKind. Read more

Greyhound racing injuries remain high despite the GBGB’s commitment to reduce them 22-06-23

The Greyhound Board of Great Britain (GBGB) has published its 2022 track injury data, revealing, once again, a higher injury rate than in 2018, when it introduced its ‘Greyhound Commitment’ aiming to ‘further protect and promote welfare’. Read more

Animal protection charity highlights some of the cruelest snaring incidents in the UK in 2022 26-04-23

Scottish animal campaigns charity, OneKind, has released a new report, SnareWatch Annual Report 2022: Case studies of snare use in the UK, which highlights some of the worst snaring, or suspected snaring, incidents in the UK during 2022. Read more

OneKind welcomes Scottish Animal Welfare Commission’s opinion that an end to greyhound racing in Scotland would be ‘desirable’ 08-03-23

Today, the Scottish Animal Welfare Commission (SAWC) has announced that it would be ‘desirable’ not to have organised greyhound racing in Scotland and that the risks of poor dog welfare outweigh any positives it brings. Read more