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Kevin Newell - Humane Wildlife Solutions

Kevin Newell is the owner and founder of the multi award winning Humane Wildlife Solutions, Europe’s only vegan, non-lethal, ethical, environmentally friendly alternative to pest control. Kevin is also the Scottish co-ordinator for the Mammal Societies Harvest Mouse Surveys.


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Kevin will take us through his journey on finding the first ever breeding nest and colony of Harvest Mice in Scotland; a species which was thought to be extinct in Scotland.

You will also discover an award-winning, groundbreaking alternative to ‘pest’ control in our upcoming webinar session featuring Humane Wildlife Solutions. As an unwavering advocate of ethical living, Humane Wildlife Solutions presents a 100% humane, vegan, and non-lethal alternative to traditional pest control methods, setting a new standard for coexistence between humans and wildlife.

Join us for a captivating journey into the world of humane wildlife management, where you'll learn how to overcome wildlife conflicts on both domestic and commercial properties. The core of their mission lies in deterring, rather than resorting to the antiquated practices of trapping and killing. With Humane Wildlife Solutions, we firmly believe that harmonious coexistence is attainable, and conflicts can be resolved through humane methods alone.




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