Report a snare

If you have found a snare or a snared animal, please complete the form below (only email address is mandatory). Please try to take photographs or video footage of any snares/snared animals you find and the surrounding area, then email them to: [email protected]. Any photos or video footage submitted to OneKind will be used in our campaign to ban snares.

OneKind values your support and respects your privacy. We only hold data that you provide, and we hold it securely. We do not sell or share information with others, and you can easily change how we communicate with you, update your contact details by calling us on: 0131 661 9734 or by emailing: [email protected].

Tell us what you found

Where did the incident/observation of snaring happen? Please describe the exact location using information such as landmarks, road numbers, distances and directions. Imagine someone trying to find the place if they have never been to the area before. Please give the postcode and/or grid reference if you know them.

If you suspect this was an illegally set snare, did you report the incident to the police? If you need to please contact the police on ’101’ where you can report crimes that have already taken place. If you have already done this, please provide any details of the officer you spoke with or any reference number you may have been provided with.

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We will never share these with a third party - only email address is mandatory.