If you have any concerns about the use of snares, anywhere in the UK, you can share them with us on the SnareWatch website.

You can tell us if your pet was caught in a snare, report findings of animals trapped in snares, raise concerns about possible illegal misuse of snares or simply let us know if you’re worried about snares you have seen in a particular area.


Unfortunately, there is a darker side to Scotland, often hidden from visitors and locals alike.

Hare on Scottish mountain

Wildlife persecution – legal and illegal – is widespread and ‘country sports’ play a dominant role in rural land management and politics.

This guide aims to raise awareness of wildlife persecution, and to educate the public so that countryside visitors and users understand hunting and trapping activities that they may encounter, and are able to identify illegal practices.

We hope that reading this will inspire you to be a conscientious traveller, whether you come from near or far, and help you to do your part to protect Scotland’s wildlife.