If you have any concerns about the use of snares, anywhere in the UK, you can share them with us on the SnareWatch website.

You can tell us if your pet was caught in a snare, report findings of animals trapped in snares, raise concerns about possible illegal misuse of snares or simply let us know if you’re worried about snares you have seen in a particular area.

OneKind Director Bob Elliot investigated a grouse moor in the Scottish Borders following a tip off from a supporter.

He witnessed the scale of snaring and trapping of wild animals in the area.

Aswell as numerous snares, Bob discovered a stink pit - a plastic container full of fish left to rot - the smell of which would attract wild animals to it, along the trails on which snares had been set.

OneKind produced a video of the investigation into the grouse moor. Watch 'End Wildlife Killings: Ban Snares in Scotland' below.

Type of snares

Wire - legal


Scottish Borders


February 2023