Animal protection charity highlights some of the cruelest snaring incidents in the UK in 2022 26-04-23

Scottish animal campaigns charity, OneKind, has released a new report, SnareWatch Annual Report 2022: Case studies of snare use in the UK, which highlights some of the worst snaring, or suspected snaring, incidents in the UK during 2022. Read more

OneKind welcomes Scottish Animal Welfare Commission’s opinion that an end to greyhound racing in Scotland would be ‘desirable’ 08-03-23

Today, the Scottish Animal Welfare Commission (SAWC) has announced that it would be ‘desirable’ not to have organised greyhound racing in Scotland and that the risks of poor dog welfare outweigh any positives it brings. Read more

‘Sport’ of fox hunting ended in Scotland 24-01-23

This evening in a landmark moment, the Scottish Government ended the ‘sport’ of fox hunting. Read more

Animal protection charities urge Brits to boycott 'festive' reindeer displays 05-12-22

Animal welfare charities OneKind, Animal Aid, Born Free and Freedom for Animals are urging the British public to boycott Christmas celebrations that feature live reindeer. Read more

OneKind’s latest report reveals cruel snaring incidents in the UK 10-03-22

Scotland’s leading animal campaigns charity, OneKind, has released a new report, SnareWatch Annual Report 2021. Read more

Animal charity welcomes Bill that could finally ban the ‘sport’ of fox hunting, 20 years on 25-02-22

20 years after the introduction of Scotland’s largely ineffective fox hunting ‘ban’, leading animal welfare campaigns charity OneKind welcomes the introduction of the Hunting with Dogs (Scotland) Bill. Read more

Animal charity urges public not to host private firework displays ahead of Bonfire night 05-11-21

Animal welfare charity, OneKind, is urging people not to host private firework displays this Bonfire season due to serious animal welfare concerns. Read more

Scotland’s leading animal campaigns charity set to march for the animals at COP26 05-11-21

OneKind, will be marching alongside its supporters and fellow animal welfare organisations at the COP26 coalition march on Saturday 6th November to raise awareness of the significant negative impact animal agriculture is having on our planet. Read more

Stars join forces with animal protection organisations to recreate iconic protest photo 15-07-2021

Evanna Lynch, Lucy Watson and Lesley Nicol join fight to end animal testing by recreating iconic animal rights protest photo from 1919. Read more