Cat fighting for his life after snare injury 30-05-23

The family of Teddy the cat has been left in shock after their much-loved Teddy returned home with a severe snare injury to his abdomen. Read more

How we helped animals in April 11-05-23

Last month, we required your help in urging the Scottish Government to phase out greyhound racing and ban the use of snares in Scotland. Read more

Scottish Parliament hears evidence from animal organisations for a phase out of greyhound racing 04-05-23

This week at the Scottish Parliament, Dogs Trust, SSPCA and RSPCA assembled to give evidence to the Rural Affairs and Islands Committee to show strong support for phasing out greyhound racing in Scotland. Read more

Snares have no place in Scotland: act now and protect our animals 02-05-23

Snares are indiscriminate, but you can speak up for Scotland’s wild animals now! Read more

Speak up for wild animals 25-04-23

Wildlife Management and Muirburn Bill (Scotland) call for views supporter guide Read more

How we helped animals in March 13-04-23

Along with Spring, March brought yet another busy month for the OneKind team, particularly with the advancement of our campaign to phase out greyhound racing in Scotland. Read more

Supporter guide for responding to the call to views on greyhound racing 27-03-23

Will you show your support for an end to this cruel industry by submitting a response aided by our supporter guide? Read more

How we helped animals in February 19-03-23

As the dust settles from the landmark passing of the Hunting with Dogs (Scotland) Bill in January, here at OneKind we have been working hard behind the scenes analysing this new reform. Read more

Scottish Animal Welfare Commission’s announces that an end to greyhound racing in Scotland would be ‘desirable' 10-03-23

Earlier this week, the Scottish Animal Welfare Commission (SAWC) published its report 'Report on the welfare of greyhounds used for racing'. Its report came in response to a request from the Rural Affairs, Islands and Natural Environment Committee (RAINE) of Scottish Parliament. Read more

Progress for animals in January 20-02-23

We're excited to embark upon another year of working to end cruelty to Scotland's animals, and collaborate with like-minded organisations. Read more

Beyond Hunting with Dogs 01-02-23

Last week we blogged about MSPs voting to pass the Hunting with Dogs (Scotland) Bill. We celebrated it as the positive step it is for wild animal welfare, and what we hope will be an effective end to the ‘sport’ of fox hunting. Read more

Scottish Government ends the ‘sport’ of foxhunting 24-01-23

This evening, in a monumental moment, the Scottish Government ended the ‘sport’ of foxhunting! Read more