OneKind Director uncovers snare and stink pit on Scottish shooting estate 28-11-22

OneKind Director Bob Elliot uncovers a snare and stink pit on a shooting estate in the Scottish Borders. Read more

Over 100 years ending cruelty to animals – where it all began

Founded in 1911 as the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Vivisection (SSPV), over a century of campaign work and progress for animals has evolved since then. Read more

Supporter guide for responding to the wildlife management consultation

Use our guide to urge the Scottish Government to bring stronger protections for wild animals. Read more

Use your voice to end live reindeer displays 17-11-22

Reindeer belong in the Artic Tundra, roaming for hundreds of miles, not displayed as Christmas props in busy and noisy shopping centres. As we approach the holiday season, we’ve once again begun to campaign for an end to live reindeer displays, by calling on venues across Scotland to use animal-free methods of entertainment instead. Read more

How we helped animals in October 10-11-22

October was an exciting month of action at OneKind, with hundreds of supporters joining us for our March For The Foxes down the Royal Mile! In other news, the Hunting with Dogs (Scotland) Bill moved to Stage 2 in Scottish Parliament, and we sent a joint letter with other leading animal welfare organisations urging for an end to captive reindeer displays. Read more

Hunting with Dogs (Scotland) Bill has its Stage 1 Parliament debate 1-11-22

MSPs debated the Hunting with Dogs (Scotland) Bill in the Scottish Parliament. This Bill has the potential to finally close loopholes in legislation that have enabled fox hunting to continue in Scotland, despite a ban being introduced over 20 years ago with the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Act. Read more

Hundreds march in central Edinburgh for a foxhunting and snaring ban 02-11-22

Hundreds of people marched alongside OneKind, League Against Cruel Sports Scotland and Scottish Badgers calling for a real foxhunting and snaring ban in Scotland. Read more

Leading animal welfare organisations send joint letter urging for an end to reindeer displays in Scotland 26-10-22

Leading animal welfare organisations send a joint letter to venues in Scotland urging them to end to the use of reindeer displays. Read more

Reptile Awareness Day – 4 welfare issues facing reptiles 21-10-22

Today is Reptile Awareness Day! This is the perfect opportunity to shine a spotlight on the welfare issues facing reptiles, the work being done to protect them, and the simple, conscious choices you can make in your life to help these sentient individuals. Read more

MSPs debate greyhound racing in the Scottish Parliament 12-10-22

MSPs debate greyhound racing in the Scottish Parliament Read more

How we helped animals in September 11-10-22

September was a busy month for the OneKind team, working in collaboration with the League Against Cruel Sports and Scottish Badgers to organise our upcoming March For The Foxes! Read more

The truth about snares – your questions answered 27-09-22

Unlike other issues such as foxhunting, snaring is a lesser known but sadly, still completely legal method of persecuting wildlife in Scotland. Read more