The first Dogs Bazaar, an event held in aid of the Society, was held in the Music Hall in Edinburgh.

Scottie dog on a postcard promoting a Dog

This became a very popular annual shopping event featuring an ever increasing amount of different stands selling a wide range of donated items and food. In later years, there were stalls from companies and various other charities and organisations, such as the Vegetarian Society.


Each event was convened by at least one dog, whose photograph was sent out to members of the SSPV during the summer before, along with a request for donations of items and money to help the running of the event. These conveners usually attended the Bazaar and would often be seen on the main stage where addresses were given to the crowd at the start of the event. There was also a dogs stall where the conveners would often “help out”.

Two small dogs on postcard promoting Dogs Bazaar

During WWI there were stalls for the British Red Cross and the fund for Disabled Discharged Soldiers among others. In 1914 a donation was made to the Red Cross and two beds in a Scottish military hospital were named in honour of the event. They were imaginatively called “The Dog’s Bazaar, 1914, No. 1” and “The Dog’s Bazaar, 1914, No. 2.”

During the wars, there were also stalls selling gifts for soldiers. During WWII they had stalls to raise money for the Polish Relief Fund and the Scottish National Institution for Blinded Sailors and Soldiers.

The final Dog’s Bazaar was held in 1950, the year after Netta Ivory passed away. Having been involved in the planning of it, it had been Netta’s wish that it be held that year.

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