Creating a kinder world for animals

Our vision is a world in which non-human animals are recognised as individuals and respected for their capacities and priorities, which are different to, but not lesser than ours. By making a donation today, you will be directly contributing to our work to protect wildlife, companion and farmed animals, and animals used in scientific research.

How we deliver change for animals

Thanks to generous members and supporters, OneKind has been ending cruelty to animals for over 100 years! OneKind effects positive change for animals through high-profile campaigns, political lobbying, investigations, public education, and promoting compassionate living. This allows us to shape the cultural and legislative landscape to seek justice for animals.

It's only possible with your help

Together, our supporters raise the £300,000 we need each year to continue funding our campaigns and investigations. From ending the use of wild animals in travelling circuses to achieving a ban on the mass culling of mountain hares, and the use of glue traps, you help deliver change for animals!

Thank you for supporting our work!