Animal agriculture is responsible for between 14.5-16.5% of greenhouse gas emissions, but is glaringly absent from the COP26 agenda.

15 years ago, the UN listed the ‘livestock’ sector as one of the top contributors to the ‘most serious’ environmental problems. It is a leading cause of habitat destruction, desertification, wildlife extinction, and ocean dead zones.

Four years later in 2010, the UN urged the global population to adopt a vegan diet to save the world from the worst impacts of climate change. Yet, 11 years on, combating the emissions produced by animal agriculture isn’t even listed as one of the COP26 goals.

Countries are being asked to accelerate the phase out of coal as a top priority at the COP26 conference. But, even if the use of fossil fuel was ended immediately, the emissions produced by animal agriculture alone would make it impossible to limit warming to the 1.5°C COP26 target (Clark et al., 2020).

What are we doing about it?

COP26 March for the Animals information

Animals cannot be left out of COP discussions, and we will not let their voices go unheard. We will not accept any more government cop outs.

That is why on the 6th November we will be marching at the COP26 coalition march in Glasgow with our COPOUT26 campaign, alongside several other animal welfare organisations, to speak up for animals in the battle for our planet’s future.

We will be marching to raise awareness that animal welfare must be central to climate change discussions and that governments globally must encourage the adoption of a plant-based diet. And we’d love for you to join us.

COPOUT26 march details

Date: Saturday 6th November

Time: 11.30am (to assemble for the march beginning at 12:45)

Location: Stewart Memorial Fountain, Kelvingrove Park, Glasgow

The march will be just over an hour long and we will arrive at Glasgow Green for 3pm, where there will be an hour long rally. You can view the route here.

We encourage you to create your own placards and banners with our COPOUT26 theme: animal agriculture must be central to climate change discussions and governments globally must encourage the adoption of a plant-based diet. However, this is your march as much as ours and how you express your concerns on your materials is entirely up to you (although we would encourage you to use the #COP26 hashtag on your materials!). What do you want to say to the UN on behalf of our planet’s animals?

COVID health & safety protocol

This will be a peaceful demonstration that abides by COVID guidelines. You will need a negative LFT and facemask to join us on the day, and please practice social distancing where possible. The march is expected to comprise thousands of people from different organisations, so we cannot guarantee that social distancing will be possible at every point during the day. We will, however, have hand sanitiser and follow guidelines where possible.

Register to join us on our #COPOUT26 march for animals here.