The weekend was all about greyhounds. Sunday marked the annual National Greyhound Day and the day prior was very special; indeed, Scotland Against Greyhound Exploitation (SAGE)’s cover star and campaigner, Sasha, turned 10 years old! 

As the sun shone over a scenic park in Fife, on Saturday 1st of June, humans and hounds gathered to sing happy birthday - with homemade cake of course! - to rescue greyhound Sasha. 

To mark Sasha’s 10th birthday, we are highlighting all that this inspiring greyhound has contributed to the campaign to end greyhound racing in Scotland.

We shared Sasha’s story 

As part of the Unbound the Greyhound coalition campaign, which includes our friends SAGE,  last summer, we shared Sasha’s story; from sustaining serious leg injury during her first trial race, through to her rescue and recovery.  

Since being saved at 2 years old, Sasha overcomes her life-long physical challenges to campaign for an end to dog racing and save other greyhounds from this cruel industry. 

Sasha was adopted through Scotland Greyhound Sanctuary (SGS) and she still continues to volunteer for the organisation. You can spot Sasha on the charity’s website and social media, and she’s a familiar friendly face at their organised walks and events. With her sweet nature and calming presence, Sasha even helps with home checks and assessments of hounds in need of homes.  

International model, cover star AND campaigner 

Over the years, Sasha has certainly put the ‘act’ in activist and amassed quite the resume as a campaigner! 

During her first two years of campaigning, Sasha contributed photos and moral support. Then, when her adoptive mum and a team of like-minded people all advocating for greyhounds began demonstrating outside Glasgow’s former track, Shawfield Stadium, Sasha joined them. 

Importantly, when SAGE officially formed in April of 2019, Sasha became the face of their first campaign called ‘her life matters’. This campaign successfully spread the message of the grassroots group’s mission to end greyhound racing in Scotland and their petition, which has gone onto become the most signed petition in Scottish history and launched a parliamentary inquiry.  

Although Sasha was a great support at the demonstrations, she really shone when the group gathered for city centre awareness raising events. As a friendly dog with a big smile, Sasha drew in crowds of people which gave her human team the opportunity to converse with members of the public about greyhound racing. 

At events, Sasha is such a gentle soul that she is particularly brilliant with children – even those who are initially scared of dogs – and she has even accumulated fans who look out for her!

But she doesn’t just lend her talents to Scottish charities; she’s also an international superstar who graced the cover of the GREY2K USA  - who are also part of the Unbound the Greyhound coalition -  2024 calendar.   

Sasha is the best sister  

Of course, help begins at home. As part of a family of rescue greyhounds and their adoring pawrents, Sasha has helped her brother and sister to adapt to life in a warm, loving home and act like, well, dogs!  

Sasha’s brother Bertie had lived in a kennel until age 9, but she taught him to enjoy cosy, fluffy blankets instead of hard floors. She has also shown her foster sister Abbey that it’s okay for another dog to sit next to her or even snuggle. 

In fact, Sasha is known to greet any nervous dogs she encounters with a kiss on the nose and sticks by their side until they settle. 

She supports the Unbound the Greyhound campaign  

Sasha has been a fantastic support to Unbound the Greyhound campaign since the very beginning. When the coalition campaign launched on a sunny Saturday in Glasgow’s city centre in June of last year, Sasha was one of the gang of greyhounds who were, naturally, the stars of the day!

Fast-forwarding to March of this year, Sasha accompanied the coalition members, MSPs and 14 canine campaigners in delivering the Unbound the Greyhound campaign’s open letter to the Scottish Government. After months of tirelessly gathering signatures, together, we gained an incredible 22,655 signatures in support of an end to greyhound racing in Scotland.  

Outside the Scottish Parliament, the always-sociable Sasha mingled with MSPs, fellow campaigners and dogs alike – as her mum says everyone loves Sasha! 

That day, Sasha also helped to encourage people to take action again for greyhounds by pledging their support for MSP Mark Ruskell’s Proposed Prohibition Greyhound Racing (Scotland) Bill. Collectively, the Unbound the Greyhound coalition members were delighted to submit 9,505 pledges when the consultation closed. 

We think you will agree that Sasha is a truly sweet soul and a spirited, inspiring four-legged campaigner. Please join us in wishing Sasha the happiest of birthdays!