This past month has been another hive of activity at OneKind, escalating our campaign for a full ban on snares.

We launched our Autumn appeal for support on our campaign, amplified with videos from our patron Chris Packham and actor and animal advocate Peter Egan.

Plus, we asked you to take part in a new campaign action. In less than 24 hours, over 1,000 of you sent a letter to Minister Màiri McAllan, in support of a full ban on snares.

In other news, there’s less than a month left until our demonstration urging the Scottish Government to consign snares to history! We’re also excited to share news of our upcoming march for a real fox hunting ban in October with the League Against Cruel Sports and Scottish Badgers. And, there’s less than a month left to vote for us to win a My Giving Circle grant!

Take action for a full snaring ban in Scotland

Fox suffering caught in snare

With the Scottish Government currently reviewing snaring, this is a crucial time to send a strong message that the public supports a full ban on snares. That’s why we’ve launched our new campaign action, enabling supporters to send a letter to Minister for Environment and Land Reform Màiri McAllan.

There’s been a powerful response so far, with over 1,100 of you using your voice in less than 24 hours. This has smashed our initial target of 1,000 letters, so we’ve raised our target to 2,000! Each letter will help our push for a snaring ban at this important moment, so please take a minute to send one if you haven’t already.

We’ve set up a handy template you can use, so it only takes a few moments. We also encourage you to customise your letter if you can, to maximise its impact.

Thank you to all of you who have raised your voices for end to these cruel traps so far.

Join our ‘Consign Snares to History’ demonstration

Historical OneKind snares demo at Scottish Parliament

We are delighted to see that already, over 100 of you have signed up so far to join our demonstration for a ban on snares!

In just a couple of weeks, on Saturday September 17th, at 11.30 we will be gathering outside the Scottish Parliament to call on the Government to make history and ban snares.

Since announcing the demo last month, we’ve been busy with preparations to make the day as impactful as possible. As part of the demo, we’ve organised actors to attend, wearing masks of animals including foxes, cats, badgers and rabbits, caught in fake snares. The masks are all ready to go, after the team got to work crafting them together in the office last month!

We’ve also planned to have videos screening on the day featuring celebrities in support of the campaign, including OneKind Patron Chris Packham, and actor and animal advocate Peter Egan.

We’d love to see as many of you there as possible, so please join us if you can.
(Image: snares demo 2008)

March with us for a real fox hunting ban

Fox hunting demo outside Scottish Parliament

After years of work campaigning for a real fox hunting ban in Scotland, we welcomed the announcement of the Hunting with Dogs (Scotland) Bill earlier this year. But we’ve also voiced concerns about the Bill needing to be strengthened if it is to truly protect foxes from persecution.

This is a crucial time for us to send a clear message to the Scottish Government, that a full fox hunting ban must be implemented – with no loopholes.

That’s why we’ve joined forces with The League Against Cruel Sports and Scottish Badgers for a March for the Foxes down the Royal Mile to the Scottish Parliament on Saturday the 29th of October at 12.30pm.

The more of us there, the stronger our message will be, so please join us if you can.
(Image: 'For the foxes' march 2018)

Autumn Appeal

August also saw us launch our Autumn Appeal for support so we can continue campaigning for a ban on snares. Supporting our appeal is our patron Chris Packham, and actor and animal advocate Peter Egan. Both kindly recorded videos speaking impassionately about the cruelty of snares, which will be screened at our upcoming demonstration.

In just a few days, you have raised over £2,500 in response to our appeal – thank you so much!

All of our work is funded by your generous donations, and every single gift makes a difference. Actions like our upcoming demonstration and letter-writing action to the Minister are only possible with your continued support.

If you are able to, please consider making a donation towards our appeal, and help us consign these archaic traps to history!

My Giving Circle

There’s just one month left to help us win funds towards our work for animals in the latest My Giving Circle grants round!

Unfortunately, we have dropped to position 3, so we’re counting on your votes every week this month to stay in the running. So, please remember to vote each week for free, and if you can, you can also boost your vote with a donation.

This weekend only, your votes are especially impactful, as My Giving Circle will make a donation to our work for every new person that votes for us! Sharing the link to vote with friends and family is a great way to boost your impact.

Movement for Good logo

Movement for Good

We have another opportunity to win a grant in Benefact Group’s Movement for Good Awards!

All you have to do is nominate OneKind, and in September, 250 charities will receive £1,000 each. We would love to be one of them.

The more votes we receive, the higher our chances! Please nominate OneKind today – it’s totally free!