Although still early in the year, we are pleased to be making progresses for animals in Scotland.

Thanks to the ongoing generosity and actions of our supporters, we have been able to carry on working hard on our current campaigns this month.

On the fundraising front, you can support OneKind’s work in ways that are fun, easy and take just a moment of your time, but which are incredibly important to funding our campaigns and investigations to deliver greater protections for animals.

Stand up for pigs today: help us to end the use of farrowing crates

pig in farrowing crate

As we continue our Stand Up for Pigs campaign to urge the Scottish Government to consult on a phase out of the use of farrowing crates for mother pigs, we need your help.

Throughout the campaign, we have highlighted the mental and physical distress a sow can experience within the bars of a farrowing crate. Confined to these cages for 5 weeks or more, a mother pig is denied the ability to properly care for her piglets as she is inclined to do, she cannot walk or turn around and may even struggle to stand up.

We cannot continue to allow pigs to suffer.

We are calling on our supporters to use our template to send an email to the Minister for Agriculture and Connectivity, Jim Fairlie, to urge the Government to also consult on phasing out farrowing crates. By using our e-action, it will take just minutes for you stand up for pigs.

Thank you to everyone who has taken action for pigs!

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Majority support an end to dog racing in Scottish Government consultation

Greyhound standing panting

We are delighted that a recent Scottish Government consultation has demonstrated the strong public support for the dog racing industry to be brought to an end in Scotland.

In response to the Scottish Government’s Consultation on the Licensing of Activities Involving Animals, an overwhelming majority called for an end to greyhound racing.

At the time, we encouraged our supporters to respond to the section of the consultation on greyhound racing and we would like to thank everyone who took the time to respond. By speaking up for greyhounds, you are helping to show the Scottish Government that the people of Scotland want a future where greyhounds are treated as companions, not commodities.

As a licensing scheme would not protect greyhounds from the inherent welfares issues within the cruel racing industry, we are pleased this consultation’s analysis notes ‘significant support’ for an end to greyhound racing in Scotland.

Amendment to ban snares in Scotland passes stage 2

Set snare

In our ongoing campaign to ban snaring in Scotland, we are pleased to report that the Wildlife Management and Muirburn (Scotland) Bill - including the amendment to ban snare traps! - has passed stage two of the Parliamentary procedure.

At the Rural Affairs and Islands Committee session on the 7th of February, Arianne Burgess MSP stated that the introduction of a snaring ban in Scotland would “deliver real improvements in animal welfare.” Colin Smyth MSP also supported this amendment, stating a “ban on the use of snares is long overdue.”

The next stage will be held on Tuesday 19th of March and we will continue to keep you, our supporter, updated.

Fundraising updates

My Giving Circle: there’s still time to make your vote count!

We urgently need your votes in this My Giving Circle round to win a grant to fund our work to expose and end cruelty to animals.

This current round ends on the 31st March and while we are quite far out from the top 10, we can still get there with your help.

Every vote really matters in giving us a chance to win a grant to fund our work to improve the lives of animals. It’s totally free and takes just seconds of your time!

Thank you so much to everyone who has donated and voted for us in My Giving Circle so far. To date, our wonderful supporters have raised an incredible £380!

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You can play our lottery from just £1!

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By joining our lottery from £1 per week, you could win fantastic prizes. There are cash prizes to be won every week - including a £25k jackpot - as well as additional prizes. What’s more, every player helps contribute to our campaigns to protect animals.

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Support our work by sending eco-friendly E-cards

OneKind birthday, Easter and Father

Whatever the occasion or reason – a thoughtful thank you, birthdays or Easter - why not send an eco-friendly e-card to your loved ones?

It’s so easy and perfect for those animal lovers in your life. You can choose your card, donate an amount of your choice, then send directly via WhatsApp, Messenger or E-mail!

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