Along with Spring, March has brought yet another busy month for the OneKind team, particularly with the advancement of our campaign to phase out greyhound racing in Scotland.

As you may know, OneKind is working with like-minded organisations to bring an end to this cruel and outdated industry.

As the month of March brings Mother’s Day, on our social media channels we highlighted animals who are known for expressing strong maternal instincts. From foxes to octopuses, chicken to elephants, it was an important reminder of how all animals are sentient beings, who are nurturing to their young and often other’s offspring too.

Sentient not sport: a call to end Greyhound racing

Greyhound with trainer

In February, the Scottish Animal Welfare Commission publicly stated that an end to greyhound racing in Scotland would be 'desirable'.

In response to this, OneKind co-ordinated a letter from a group of like-minded organisations to the Cabinet Secretary announcing support for a phase out to greyhound racing in Scotland and responded to Rural Affair and Island Committee's (RAI) request for views on greyhound racing.

Further, we called on people to act for greyhounds and respond to the Rural Affairs and Island's Committee's call to views from the public on greyhound racing in Scotland. To do so, we created a supporters guide to facilitate people to express their views on the future of greyhound racing in this country.

In March, we featured in the Ferret for our comments on SAWC's greyhound racing report and our support for a phase out.

Join our Voice today to hear the latest developments in the greyhound racing campaign.

Look out for snares this Spring

Dog beside wire snare set in woods

As March welcomed in the change of seasons, we can now see the beginnings of new life in nature around us. Unfortunately, though, this means that we must call on everyone to be especially vigilant in looking out for the use of snares this Spring.

We ask that you please report any incidents to our SnareWatch website. This allows us to highlight just how widespread snaring is and how much suffering these traps can inflict on wild, farmed and domestic animals.

Salmon Farming

Salmon farm in Scotland

Alongside Animal Equality UK, we co-ordinated a letter from a cross-party group of politicians calling on the Scottish Government to introduce a moratorium on the expansion of the salmon farming industry.

The reality of salmon farming is as dark as the murky waters in which the fish are residing in. An astonishing 15 million fish died on Scotland's salmon farms between January 2022 and November 2022, almost double the death count of 2021 and triple that of 2020.

We secured widespread media coverage, including in The Scotsman and The Financial Times.

A new ban on Glue Traps

House mouse

The Scottish Government recently introduced the Wildlife Management and Muirburn (Scotland Bill) that would ban glue traps in Scotland. The Bill, as introduced, would bring an end to the use of glue traps as a form of pest control, with no exemptions for professionals.
We'll be working hard to ensure that a snaring ban is also introduced in this Bill.

Beaver recovers from botched shooting

Moreover, in the news during the month of March, we spoke to The Ferret about the incident of a beaver being shot in the face and the wider issue of the shooting of beavers in general.

My Giving Circle

We are delighted to announce that thanks to your support and generosity, we won £1,200 towards our work to end cruelty to Scotland’s animals!

To date, you have now helped raise an incredible £20,000 through My Giving Circle. This is a significant amount of funding, helping to strengthen our campaigns and investigations.

The new round is open, so please keep voting for free each week. And please remember that you can vote at no cost.

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