How we helped animals in November

With Christmas fast approaching, November saw us accelerate our campaign to end live reindeer displays, as captive reindeer face another season of exploitation.

We also set up a guide for supporters to respond to the Scottish Government’s consultation on proposals to change certain wildlife ‘management’ practices – including an opportunity to push for a full ban on snares and other cruel traps.

In other news, our Director Bob Elliot uncovered a snare and stink pit on a Scottish shooting estate, following a report from a supporter. We also welcomed the UK Government’s confirmation of their support for the Bill to ban trophy hunting imports, which is making its way through Parliament.

'Festive' reindeer displays

reindeer in pen outside shopping centre at Christmas

In October, we kickstarted our yearly campaign to end reindeer displays by sending a joint letter with Born Free, Animal Aid and Freedom For Animals to venues across Scotland and UK.

More recently, we secured media coverage of our campaign in The National. Our Campaigner Eve spoke to the newspaper about the plight of captive reindeer put on display at Christmas.

"It is much more valuable to educate the public about the fascinating, varied and complex lives of animals in the wild than to promote a voyeuristic experience in which public see confined animals who may be suffering."

Reindeer are semi-wild animals that belong in the Artic Tundra; they are not Christmas props.

Take action to put an end to traps and snares

A snare and stink pit on a Scottish shooting estate

The Scottish Government is currently consulting on proposals to change some wildlife ‘management practices’. This is an opportunity to show the Government that the further regulation of snaring and traps will not put an end to the suffering of wild animals trapped in these cruel devices.

In November, we prepared a handy guide for supporters to respond to the consultation. It only takes about 15 minutes, and every voice counts towards sending a strong message to the Government in support of a ban on snares and other barbaric traps.

OneKind's visit to a grouse moor

OneKind Director, Bob Elliot, recently uncovered a snare and stink pit on a Scottish shooting estate, as well as a dead fox nearby, following a report from a supporter. Sadly, the use of these traps here is completely legal in Scotland.

In this video, Bob explains how snares and stink pits are used together to cruelly lure and ensnare animals. You can read the full story in our recent blog, and find ways you can take action to help us consign snares to history.

Trophy hunting

Following its 2nd stage Parliament debate in November, The UK Government confirmed its support of Henry Smith MP’s Bill to ban the import of hunting ‘trophies’!

Two rhinos in the wild

This ban will cover the ‘Big 5’, along with thousands of other species. As we told the UK government in our 2020 response to their consultation on the issue,

‘The commercialised killing of sentient individuals for pleasure, and the collecting of body parts to record these killings, is unethical and unrepresentative of the values of most people in the UK.'

Christmas appeal

Thank you so much to everyone who has donated towards our Christmas appeal so far! We are very grateful for your support. For over 100 years, OneKind has been passionately advocating for animals with the help of supporters.

A black and white photo of Irish terrier Vivisected Jack

From holding our first Dog’s Bazaar event to the banning of wild animals in travelling circuses, we have achieved greater protection for many animals with your support. Yet, parts of our past still haunt us today and we are still fighting for the same protections as our predecessors. If you haven’t made a donation but would like to, please donate on our appeal page.

My Giving Circle

Please keep voting for us weekly in My Giving Circle’s latest ground which ends on 30th December. We are currently in position 15 and need to land a spot in the top ten to win a share of £7,250.

It’s completely free to vote, and even if we don’t win this time, all votes will carry forward to the next round, boosting our chances of winning next time.

Christmas merchandise

A white tea towel with a festive illustration of foxes and holly on it

We have lots of merchandise on sale, available through our new shop! If you’re looking for last minute Christmas gifts, such as hoodies, our stocking bundle or cards, then head to our shop and buy them today.

Please bear in mind that there have been Royal Mail strikes which may impact on delivery times. These are outwith our control, so we would recommend ordering any items you would like, as soon as possible. We will also have a special edition Christmas card launching later this week, so keep an eye out for that too!