An overwhelming majority have called for an end to greyhound racing in response to a governmental consultation. 

The Scottish Government’s Consultation on the Licensing of Activities Involving Animals sought views on proposals to extend the 2021 statutory animal licensing framework to certain animal care services and greyhound racing and to revoke current legislation pertaining to animal boarding and riding establishments. 

While OneKind responded to the full consultation, we, alongside our Unbound the Greyhound coalition colleagues, encouraged our supporters to respond to the section on greyhound racing and call for a phase out to dog racing and highlight why a licensing scheme would not protect the welfare of greyhounds. 

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We are delighted that the Licensing of activities involving animals: consultation response analysis notes ‘significant support’ for an end to greyhound racing. 

The response summary categorises the respondents into the following categories: those who gave the Scottish Government permission to publish their response, referred to as ‘respondents’, and those who responded to the section on greyhound racing, but did not give the Scottish Government permission to publish their response, referred to as ‘campaign respondents’. 

There were 688 responses to the consultation and 1180 campaign responses.  

Significant support for phase out to greyhound racing 

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46.3% supported the licensing of greyhound racing, but many indicated that they would like to see it phased out eventually - in other words, they would support it as an interim step. 

A further 46% answered not sure, but crucially, the overwhelming majority did so because they don’t believe licensing is enough to protect the welfare of greyhounds and that only a ban will suffice.  

The only way to remove the inherent risks of greyhound racing is to end the practice entirely. OneKind recommends a phase out to greyhound racing in Scotland”. - OneKind 

The 1180 campaign respondents also responded, ‘not sure’, indicating their support for a ban instead.  

7.7% did not support licensing, but this included some animal welfare organisations that did so as they support an end to greyhound racing, instead. Only a tiny minority, such as GBGB and the operator of Scotland’s last racing track, Thornton Stadium indicated ‘no’ as they want the ‘sport’ to continue without a new licensing system. 

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Overwhelming support for Government to take action 

The response summary highlights that ‘there is an overwhelming support for the Scottish Government to take action on greyhound racing in Scotland’. 

We were also pleased to see that a number of signatories referenced the Unbound the Greyhound open letter and the petition to ban greyhound racing brought by Unbound the Greyhound coalition member, Scotland Against Greyhound Exploitation (SAGE). 

Thank you to our wonderful supporters who took the time to respond. You have shown the Scottish Government the strong public support for an end to greyhound racing. 

What’s next? 

We will be launching an e-action in due course, which will allow our supporters to pledge their support for the main aims for the Proposed Prohibition of Greyhound Racing (Scotland) Bill

As a coalition, we will also hand in the Unbound the Greyhound open letter, with 22,655 signatures, into the Scottish Government in the coming weeks. 

Together we will put dog racing out of its misery.