To celebrate Scotland’s animals for Earth Day last month, our amazing Stirling volunteers cleaned up their local park by doing a sponsored litter pick to raise funds for OneKind.

OneKind litter-picking volunteers

Raising over £100, we were blown away by their enthusiasm and passion for the planet! In this blog, our Stirling Group talk about the importance of litter picking when it comes to protecting the natural world:

“Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed with all the negative news about the environment and powerless to make a difference? I know that feeling, and I can tell you from my experience that the best thing you can do for yourself and the environment is to take action, no matter how small the action might be. The main reason why humans have such a profound detrimental effect on the natural world is because there’s so many of us. Just like the large number of humans has negative impacts, it can also have the opposite effect – if we all do something good and useful, even if the deed is small, the effect can be big!

A good example of this was in 2008, where 50,000 people came together and removed 10,000 tonnes of litter from Estonia’s beaches, forests, and streets in just five hours. This event set a foundation for an organisation, known as Let´s Do It World NGO that now unites 180 countries and millions of people across the world for one day a year to clean up the planet.

One of the easiest things we can all do is litter pick. I am sure all of us have, at one point or another, noticed litter lying around in places other than the bin – it is not a pleasant sight. Litter is also a huge threat to animals. Animals are not equipped to deal with human waste such as plastic and can get tangled in the rubbish, leading to cuts or suffocation, or they may accidentally consume the waste leading to more suffering through no fault of their own.

On Earth Day, the 22nd of April this year (2021) the Stirling OneKind group coordinators Liivia and Ross celebrated our planet by going litter picking. This household litter pick was a way to also fundraise for OneKind, raising over 140 pounds from 13 supporters! Besides the supporters who donated, it was fulfilling to encounter local residents who were grateful and hopeful to witness a positive action in their community, and it is not just the people who benefit from the litter-free surroundings – the animals who live there will also benefit from a safer environment. It is an empowering feeling to do something good!

OneKind litter-picking volunteer

So next time you are out and about and see rubbish where is does not belong, set an example and set things right by putting it in the bin. If we all set such behaviour as a standard, our world will look like a different place. After all, why wouldn’t we come together with our friends and family, or even a whole community, for a few hours on Earth day (or any other day!)? Perhaps you could even take part in the next Let’s Do It World litter pick on the 18th of September 2021 to reduce our footprint on the nature?

And if litter picking isn’t your thing, then remember that there are other ways we can make a positive difference. Why don’t you take part in a sporting event and set up a JustGiving page to raise funds for OneKind by doing something you love instead?

Just remember that positive actions have a domino effect, and there is power in our hands!"