Following the launch of our new Stand Up for Pigs campaign, from Tuesday 29th January, we commenced a three-day long exhibition at the Scottish Parliament.

Our presence at Parliament enabled us to speak with MSPs about our campaign to urge the Scottish Government to consult on a phased end of the use of farrowing crates – cages for mother pigs – in Scotland.

Take action for pigs 

Our stall featured a replica farrowing crate

OneKind Stand up for pigs exhibition stand in Scottish Parliament.

At the centre of this stall, was an eye-catching feature; a life-sized replica – in scale, not design - farrowing crate with a fully functioning gate for people to step in and out of. The width and length of these crates are, in fact, not much bigger than a sow herself.

After she is put within the farrowing crate up to a week before birth, a mother pig will spend five weeks or more in the cage.

Within these confines, she will be able to do little more than lie down; she is unable to turn around, forage, walk and may even struggle to stand up. Through the bars, she can only allow her piglets to suckle; she is unable to care for or build a nest for them.

We spoke with MSPs and staff about our campaign 


Over the course of the three days at the stall, we spoke with 29 MSPs from across all five main political parties, the Minister for Energy and Environment Gillian Martin and, additionally, many MSP staff members.

We appreciated so many MSPs and staff taking the time to engage in interesting, often supportive, conversations about our campaign to end the use of farrowing crates and the about the negative physical and mental impacts that these cages have on both the mother pig and her babies.

Surrounding the farrowing crate replica in the centre, we had visuals of mother pigs in farrowing crates, alongside text detailing suffering that a mother pigs may endure, including stress, frustration, and sores on her skin.

The Stand Up for Pigs exhibition stall was kindly sponsored by Colin Smyth MSP and we are incredibly grateful for his support. 

The time is now to end farrowing crates in Scotland 

pig lying in a farrowing crate

In a farrowing crate farming system, a sow is completely denied of exhibiting her natural maternal behaviours. Although the deprivation of these cages is incredibly outdated for the 21st Century, sadly farrowing crates are still currently being used in Scotland.

Despite the commitment in the Scottish Government’s 2021-2022 Programme for Government to consult on farrowing crates, the, the Scottish Government has not included these cruel cages in its upcoming consultation. 

While the Government has confirmed that they remain committed to consulting on phasing out farrowing crates, they have not provided a timeframe.

We cannot allow pigs to be forgotten about.

Additionally, with the Agriculture and Rural Communities (Scotland) Bill currently progressing through Parliament and the National Good Food Nation Plan being consulted upon,  there is a once in a generation opportunity for transformational change in food and farming. Now is the opportune time for us to stand up for pigs. But we need your help.

Will you stand up for pigs?

pig in a farrowing crate

We call on you to hold the Scottish Government accountable to its previous commitment to consult on a phased end to the use of farrowing crates for sows in Scotland as soon as possible.

Please give just 5 minutes of your time to take action for pigs.

You can write directly to the Scottish Government using our customisable template.

Thank you for standing up for pigs!

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