On the 1st February, we joined Cruelty Free International and Animal Free Research UK to hand in our Target Zero petition at 10 Downing Street.

The petition calls for the Government to commit to a plan to phase out to animal experimentation in the UK. An incredible 101,242 people signed the petition, which was debated in the UK Parliament last October, with all MPs involved in the debate in favour of an end to animal experimentation.

British actor and animal advocate, Carol Royle, graciously joined us at the hand in and several supportive MPs - Sir Roger Gale MP, Henry Smith MP and Fleur Anderson MP - came out to meet our group in support of the Target Zero petition.

Target Zero petition outside Westminster

Kerry Postlewhite (Director of Public Affairs, Cruelty Free International), Cathy Monaghan (Head of Public Affairs UK, Cruelty Free International), Sir Roger Gale MP, Henry Smith MP, Carla Owen (CEO, Animal Free Research UK), Carol Royle (Patron, Animal Free Research UK) and Bob Elliot (Director, OneKind (Scotland)) are seen outside the Houses of Parliament.

OneKind’s Director, Bob Elliot, commented:

“The Target Zero petition has shown the strong support amongst the public for a phase out of animal experimentation in the UK. We urge the UK Government to listen to the public and commit to a clear action plan to make this happen.

We also encourage the Scottish Government to take action. While the power to ban animal testing is reserved to the UK Government, with its world leading universities, pharmaceutical companies, and life sciences sector, Scotland has a key role to play in accelerating the transition to humane science.”

You can learn more about our Target Zero campaign here.