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A Duston woman said she was 'disgusted' after her cat was allegedly 'trapped in a snare' causing a serious injury, which could have resulted in her losing a paw.

Tala, a tabby-type cat, went missing for more than a week before her owner Micheala Kean found her in an injured state.

The 11-year-old feline was taken straight to the vets where her paw was X-rayed and bandaged.

The vet who treated Tala told Micheala that she was '100 per cent sure' the injury was caused by a snare. Northamptonshire Police said it couldn't be confirmed.

Tala was found in a neighbour's greenhouse where she had been for a few days.

Her paw was swollen so she was taken straight to the vets where she was anesthetised and x-rayed.

It was thought the cat would make a full recovery physically, but Micheala still had concerns. She said the incident had left Tala 'petrified'.

Micheala reported the incident to Northamptonshire Police who told her it was legal to have snares on your own property.

Type of snare



Duston, Northampton


January 2020

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