Earlier this year, the Scottish Government introduced a Bill to ban the ‘sport’ of fox hunting.

Fox hunt

The Hunting with Dogs (Scotland) Bill will replace the current legislation introduced in 2002, which has loopholes that allow fox hunting to continue in Scotland. A true fox hunting ban is much needed and long overdue.

Our work is not over yet, though.

While we welcome the Bill’s intention to end the hunting of foxes with packs of hounds, we are concerned that the Government’s exception for certain licensed activities will just create new loopholes to allow fox hunting as a ‘sport’ to continue.

The Bill in its current form would allow hunting with more than 2 dogs to ‘manage’ wild animals for the purpose of preventing serious damage to ‘livestock’, woodland or crops, preventing the spread of disease and protecting human health. It also includes an exception to allow the use of two dogs to ‘provide quarry for falconry, game shooting or deer stalking’.

There should be no exceptions at all to the ban on hunting wild animals with dogs.

How can I help?

On Saturday 29th October, we will be marching with the League Against Cruel Sport and Scottish Badgers in favour of a real fox hunting ban. We'd love for you to join us- the more that march against fox hunting, the greater our impact.

March with us

Media coverage highlights

Recent media coverage of our campaign to ban fox hunting include articles in The Times and Scotland's political and current affairs online magazine, Holyrood.com.

OneKind director Bob Elliot said Scottish people overwhelmingly supported a “real ban on fox hunting”.

L.Wilson, 'Scottish Government moves to tighten fox hunting ban'Holyrood, 25 February 2022

OneKind has been campaigning for a fox hunting ban for decades.


Some of our more recent highlights include:

  • Responding to the Scottish Parliament’s calls for views on the Hunting with Dogs (Scotland) Bill 2022 and assisting our supporters to also do so.
  • Aiding our supporters in responding to the Scottish Government’s consultation on proposed changes to Protection of Wild Mammals Scotland) Act 2002 (the foxhunting ‘ban’).
  • Exposing Forestry Land Scotland for granting permission to fox hunting foot packs to hunt on public land in 2020 & 2021 and gaining media coverage on our exposé.
  • Our fox hunting march and rally, in 2018, with the League Against Cruel Sports and IFAW. Around 1000 people marched with us and we were supported by celebrities Ricky Gervais, Bill Oddie, Chris Packham and Peter Egan.
  • Our 2017 fox hunting rally in the lead up for the 2017 General Election, following comments from the Prime Minister that she would give Parliament a free vote on fox hunting.