We have long-campaigned for a complete ban on the sale, use and manufacture of snares and traps in Scotland.

Our recent highlights include:

  • Our SnareWatch reporting tool.
  • Releasing our case studies reports of snaring in the UK in 2020 and 2021
  • Raising awareness of the cruelty of traps & snares to hundreds of people at the REVIVE National Conferences
  • Our patron Chris Packham promoting our 'Untold Suffering' report during a Twitter livestream.
  • Releasing our 2019 joint report, ‘Untold Suffering’, with the League Against Cruel Sports and Revive. The report details the suffering of untold thousands of animals across Scotland’s driven grouse moors and has been promoted by TV presenter and naturalist Chris Packham. 
  • The Scottish Parliament passing out 2019 parliamentary petition calling for an end to the killings of Scotland’s wildlife through to the Scottish Government for consideration. It was subsequently closed after the Scottish Government announced it would indeed be reviewing traps and snares.