Run by the Tail-Waggers club, the Save Our Dogs national campaign was a petition to liberate dogs from the cruelty of vivisection experiments.

The petition stated:

"We, the undersigned Friends of Dogs, deeply resenting the cruel and revolting experiments perpetrated daily on the dog, in the name of “research,” do hereby record our detestation of all such experiments.

We, believing that the Countless Ages in which the Dog has proved himself to be the singularly devoted, faithful and loving friend of Man, entitle him to his release from such ungrateful and barbarous treatment, call upon Parliament to grant immediate facilities for the passing of such legislation, as will make it unlawful to perform any vivisection on any dog for any purpose whatsoever, with or without anaesthetics and that no person or place shall be licensed for the purpose of performing any such experiment.

And your Petitioners will ever pray".

Despite the outbreak of war, dog lovers continued to run the campaign which was wide reaching, with signed petitions being returned from Australia and correspondents from Jamaica, Iraq, USA, British Columbia and most European countries. It is believed over a million people were informed of the work due to the large effort.

The Bill was presented to parliament on 5th July 1939.