Netta Ivory, one of the original founders of the SSPV passed away peacefully after a short illness.

The 1948 Annual Report stated: “By her passing, the humanitarian movement generally and the cause of anti-vivisection in particular have lost a powerful friend and leader. Her services as honorary secretary to this Society have been long and faithful. For upwards of forty-five years her tremendous energy and driving power have borne fruit in the ever-increasing number of people who have been led to discountenance the evil practices of vivisection and to seek a saner and purer method of combating human ills. Many will miss her gracious influence, and the wise counsel and unremitting care it was her daily custom to give to the affairs of the Society. Seeking neither praise nor personal gain in her chosen task, Miss Ivory’s great work stands out and will never be forgotten by those who have known her unceasing vigilance on behalf of dumb animals.”

(Photo © OneKind)