The General Election Co-ordinating committee for Animal Protection (GECCAP) was formed in 1978 from the 5 Joint Consultative Bodies which had been formed in the Animal Welfare Year. SSPV was represented on this.

They wrote to the 5 UK political parties stating main principles which the parties were asked to accept, and stating 6 key areas of concern:


1. Animal welfare and protection is a responsibility of government and should not be consigned to the hazards of the Private Members’ Bill procedure.
2. The establishment of a Standing Royal Commission on Animal Protection. The key concerns were (in no particular order):

  1. The Welfare and Protection of Horses.
  2. Intensive Animal Husbandry.
  3. Dogs in the Community.
  4. Experiments on Living Animals.
  5. Blood Sports and Wildlife Protection.
  6. The Export of Live Farm Animals.

GECCAP was represented at the three major political party (Liberal, Labour and Conservative) conferences in September and October 1978 with an information stand and fringe meetings.