Advocates for Animals ‘Beyond the Glass’ report was an investigation into Scottish public aquaria. Copies of the report were sent to all relevant local authorities, with concerns over specific aquaria highlighted.

In one such case, Argyll and Bute Council ordered improvements at the Scottish Sea Life and Marine Sanctuary in Oban.

In the UK Parliament, two MPs asked Parliamentary Questions as a result of the study. DEFRA sent copies of the report to all local authorities, zoo inspectors and the Zoo Forum.

The report was instrumental in British Divers Marine Life Rescue’s (BDMLR) successful efforts to replace a tank, filled with wild-caught fish, with a virtual reality fish tank at future Birmingham Dive Shows. The London Dive Show also pledged to stop using live fish in tanks.

Spanish animal protection group ‘Association for the Defence of Animal Rights’ (ADDA), contacted Advocates for Animals to ask for help to campaign against the introduction of diving with sharks at an aquarium in Barcelona. The group translated the summary report into Spanish and prepared a related article in their magazine. The ADDA Campaign Co-ordinator said: “Your report was what inspired us and we have been visiting Barcelona’s aquarium for that reason.”

  Fish in tank being handled

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