The move was widely welcomed by animal welfare and veterinary organisations and the public. The ban protected many thousands of dogs from this unnecessary and painful procedure.


Advocates for Animals led a strong campaign to bring this painful mutilation to an end under new animal welfare legislation.

In 2017 Scotland reintroduced tail docking for working dogs. MSPs voted in favour of an amendment that would see tail docking reintroduced for some breeds of puppy if there is sufficient evidence that they would become working dogs.

Legislation now permits the docking of tails by up to a third in spaniels and hunt point retrievers.

OneKind was strongly opposed to this decision, as was the veterinary community and Scottish public, and we continue to push for the reintroduction of an outright ban.

Advocates for Animals volunteers  Advocates for Animals volunteer at a stall


Advocates for Animals volunteers on ‘I’ve Got a Tail to Tell’ Scottish tour 2006. Photos © OneKind

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