In August 2023 the Scottish Government announced its intention to ban the use of snares in Scotland, following decades of campaigning from OneKind.

OneKind team dressed as animals at demo against snares at Scottish Parliament in 2008.

A ban would put an end to the suffering of the wild, companion and farmed animals frequently trapped in cruel snares.

OneKind Director, Bob Elliot, said:

"We are delighted that today the Scottish Government has finally announced their intention to consign snares to Scotland’s history books. The regulation of snares has failed to protect animals from the extreme physical and mental suffering caused by these archaic devices. Furthermore, 76% of the Scottish public support a snaring ban on the use and sale of snares. We are pleased that the Scottish Government has listened to the voices of Scotland’s people.

"Nothing short of a full ban will put an end to the suffering inflicted by snares. We urge the Scottish Government to make this ban watertight and not consider any exceptions to it.

OneKind team and supporters at demo against snares at Scottish Parliament in 2022.



"OneKind has campaigned for decades for a full ban on snares in Scotland. Indeed, late last year, we marched down Edinburgh’s Royal Mile and rallied outside Parliament with hundreds of supporters, like-minded organisations, and MSPs, to call on the Scottish Government to introduce a snaring and real foxhunting ban. Now we have a commitment to ban the use of snares and legislation to end the ‘sport’ of foxhunting in Scotland".

Bob added:

"Scotland’s wild animals are sadly often considered to as ‘pests’ or ‘vermin’ and thus are routinely persecuted. By proposing a snaring ban, the Scottish Government is helping send a message that wild animals deserve protection. Of course, a complete shift in mindset in how we view wild animals - as sentient individuals rather than ‘vermin’ - is desperately needed, but today’s announcement shows we’re heading in the right direction".

OneKind Patron, Wildlife TV Presenter and Conservationist, Chris Packham, said:

OneKind patron Chris Packham.

"What excellent news, and a potential win for wildlife, today. These torture devices ought to have been banned a long time ago and I’m glad that the Scottish Government has finally recognised snares for the unacceptably cruel traps that they are.

"Snares inflict so much suffering on wild animals and so I’m delighted that both the Scottish Government and the Welsh Government have taken a stand against snares. The UK Government must not lag behind".

OneKind long campaigned for a ban on the manufacture, sale, and use of snares in Scotland. Regulations governing the setting of snares were introduced in 2011 and OneKind was instrumental in achieving the regulatory regime by influencing the Scottish Parliament during its consideration of the Wildlife and Natural Environment (Scotland) Act 2011 (the WANE Act).

Since those regulations were introduced, OneKind continued to campaign for an outright ban on snares and made it very clear throughout, that regulation cannot end the cruelty that snares inflict on animals.