In 2011, TV presenter and naturalist Bill Oddie fronted OneKind’s anti-snaring film ‘Snares Uncovered - Killers in the Countryside’.

TV presenter Bill Oddie leaning on a fence

The short film was created to raise the profile of the OneKind campaign to have snares banned in Scotland, which was a precursor to calling for a UK-wide ban. ‘Snares Uncovered - Killers in the Countryside’ illustrated that snares are indiscriminate, cruel and unnecessary.

Bill Oddie came to Scotland to investigate a typical shooting estate with the OneKind field investigator and a camera crew. Following this, he described snares as "legal but still lethal".

In the film, he described how the use of ‘stink pits’ attract all sorts of creatures into the area where snares are set. He walked along a “wicked wall” of nearly 70 snares, set to trap foxes, and explained how they would in fact trap any creature unfortunate enough to walk through one.

OneKind presented the footage to MSPs at the Scottish Parliament. The organisation also hosted a press conference for the Scottish and relevant UK media. Those taking part included OneKind, League Against Cruel Sports and supportive MSPs.

Bill Oddie was the star of the biggest comedy hit of the 70s - The Goodies. He was the UK's favourite wildlife presenter, regularly fronting Springwatch and Autumnwatch which had a daily audience of over 4 million viewers. He has supported numerous OneKind wildlife campaigns.