Beyond Hunting with Dogs 01-02-23

Last week we blogged about MSPs voting to pass the Hunting with Dogs (Scotland) Bill. We celebrated it as the positive step it is for wild animal welfare, and what we hope will be an effective end to the ‘sport’ of fox hunting. Read more


The Communications and Social Media Officer will be part of a team of approximately seven and the team works closely with OneKind’s supporters and volunteers Read more

Scottish Government ends the ‘sport’ of foxhunting 24-01-23

This evening, in a monumental moment, the Scottish Government ended the ‘sport’ of foxhunting! Read more

‘Sport’ of fox hunting ended in Scotland 24-01-23

This evening in a landmark moment, the Scottish Government ended the ‘sport’ of fox hunting. Read more

End of year highlights: 2022 animal welfare achievements 24-12-22

Our top 10 animal welfare highlights from 2022. Read more

Scottish Animal Welfare Commission recommends a snaring ban in Scotland 14-12-22

The Scottish Animal Welfare Commission has officially recommended that the sale of snares and their use are banned in Scotland. Read more

How we helped animals in November 6-12-22

November saw us accelerate our campaign to end live reindeer displays. We also set up a guide for supporters to respond to the Scottish Government’s consultation on proposals to change certain wildlife ‘management’ practices. In other news, our Director Bob Elliot uncovered a snare and stink pit on a Scottish shooting estate. Read more

Animal protection charities urge Brits to boycott 'festive' reindeer displays 05-12-22

Animal welfare charities OneKind, Animal Aid, Born Free and Freedom for Animals are urging the British public to boycott Christmas celebrations that feature live reindeer. Read more

OneKind Director uncovers snare and stink pit on Scottish shooting estate 28-11-22

OneKind Director Bob Elliot uncovers a snare and stink pit on a shooting estate in the Scottish Borders. Read more

Over 100 years ending cruelty to animals – where it all began 22-11-22

Founded in 1911 as the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Vivisection (SSPV), over a century of campaign work and progress for animals has evolved since then. Read more

Supporter guide for responding to the wildlife management consultation 22-11-22

Use our guide to urge the Scottish Government to bring stronger protections for wild animals. Read more