What is a celebration fundraiser?

How often do you get given a well-meant present that you really don’t want and which ends up gathering dust until it is eventually either recycled or given to a charity shop?

Instead of your friends and family buying presents for you for your birthday, or Christmas, your wedding, an anniversary, or any special occasion, they donate the money they would have spent to OneKind.

What do I do?

  • Just ask friends and family to donate to OneKind instead of buying you a present.
  • You can text or email the link to OneKind’s donate page to your friends and family.
  • You can set up a fundraiser on your Facebook account, put up a post and send to all your friends and family and they can donate to OneKind online.
  • You can have celebration shindig – invite your friends and family and instead of bringing presents they bring money – which they put in collecting buckets for OneKind.

Sign up!

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Need more information?

Got any questions? Want any help, ideas, support and advice or general information on how to set up a fundraiser on behalf of OneKind? Contact us or phone: 0131 661 9734.