What is a Selling Stuff fundraiser?

One person’s rubbish may be another’s treasure – who knows what knick knacks, clothes, books and other stuff gathering dust in your home could be just what someone else has been looking for. And all these items could raise money for OneKind’s work.

What do I do?

  • First – have a thorough decluttering session and decide what things – books, clothes, china, jewellery, etc – you don’t want or need any more.
  • Then – decide how to sell them.
  • Car boot sales are easy and popular ways to sell almost anything. There are lots of car boot sales taking place every week all over the country – just go online to find the one nearest to you.
  • Or – if you have one and have enough room – you could have a garage sale and invite all your family, friends and neighbours.
  • Or, especially if you have larger and/or higher value things, you can use Facebook or Ebay to sell them and donate the proceeds to OneKind.

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Need more information?

Got any questions? Want any help, ideas, support and advice or general information on how to set up a fundraiser on behalf of OneKind? Contact us or phone: 0131 661 9734.