Pledge your support for the Proposed Prohibition of Greyhound Racing (Scotland) Bill 27-02-24

This is a crucial opportunity to secure a greyhound racing ban and we need your help to demonstrate the public support for this proposed Bill. Read more

Majority call for end to dog racing in Government consultation 22-02-24

An overwhelming majority have called for an end to greyhound racing in response to a governmental consultation. Read more

How we helped animals in January 19-02-24

Following a year with positive progresses for animals, we welcome you to join the OneKind team in looking ahead to a 2024 of working together to achieve greater protections for animals. Read more

Step inside the Stand Up for Pigs exhibition at the Scottish Parliament 15-02-24

Our presence at Parliament enabled us to speak with MSPs about our campaign to urge the Scottish Government to consult on a phased end of the use of farrowing crates. Read more

Stand up for pigs 29-01-24

We are campaigning the Scottish Government to consult on a phase out to farrowing crates. And we need your help. Read more

44 venues cease using reindeer in their celebrations 11-01-24

We’re delighted to report that 44 events that used live animals between 2018-2022 held animal-free Christmas celebrations in 2023! Read more

Scottish Greens to launch Bill to ban greyhound racing 10-01-24

Earlier this week, Mark Ruskell MSP announced his intention to bring a bill to the Scottish Parliament to ban greyhound racing. Read more

Sentient being not seasonal prop: stop the use of live reindeer at events 19-12-23

Whilst we are delighted and relieved that 32 venues (that previously used live reindeer between 2019-2022) have chosen compassion this Christmas by holding celebrations that will not feature reindeer as an attraction this year, there is still substantial work to be done and support needed to stop the exploitation of animals as entertainment. Read more

End of year highlights: 2023 animal welfare achievements 18-12-23

2023 was a monumental year for OneKind, from a real ban on the hunting of foxes for ‘sport’, to a snaring ban commitment from the Scottish Government and leading the Unbound the Greyhound coalition campaign. Read more

How we helped animals in November 12-12-23

With the end of the year fast approaching, we are pleased to let our supporters know how we have been working to secure victories and progresses for animals this winter. Read more

Edna – a OneKind member’s story 11-12-23

Today we're featuring a blog from long-term OneKind supporter Edna, who talks about how she became involved in animal welfare, and, in a world where much still needs to change, she finds inspiration to continue to "fight for the cause". Read more

Why we hope never to see pandas in Scotland again 06-12-23

We have consistently raised our welfare concerns for the pandas throughout the 12 years that they have been held in captivity. And we hope never to see pandas again in Scotland. Read more