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A cat received horrific injuries from a snare in the Lauriston area of St Cyrus, Aberdeenshire.

(Upsetting image below)

His owners were shocked at the extent of suffering inflicted on their pet:

Our much-loved cat Harry was missing for 5 days. When he managed to struggle home, this was the shocking condition he was in" Harry’s owner explained.

As soon as I saw Harry, I realised he was injured, when I managed to approach him, I could see he was severely injured across his tummy. Once Harry was checked over at the Vet it became apparent, he had been caught in a snare.

I felt sick that Harry had been tortured like this, he had been missing for 5 days and the thought of him being trapped in a snare all that time makes me feel sick, but the severity of his injuries would indicate this.

I thought he was nearly cut in half when I went to lift him.

It will be a miracle if he recovers from his injuries and I really hope the person responsible for trapping and probably releasing him gets caught or at the very least, feels remorse for what they have done to our innocent defenceless cat and hope they will never set another snare.

Someone knows as they released him from the snare without trying to get help for him.

He has had lots of treatment and an operation and is receiving the best care possible.

He is very poorly, and we still don't know if he is going to pull through, but we are doing all we can".

The family do not want this happening to another cat.

Cat with horrific injuries from snare

Type of snare



St Cyrus, Aberdeenshire


May 2023