How thousands of animals are trapped, snared and killed to protect grouse shooting for sport.

Set snare



"There is a circle of destruction that surrounds grouse moors. It includes fundamental issues of social justice, environmental protection and animal welfare. This latest report from the animal welfare members of the Revive coalition for the reform of grouse moors looks at the welfare impact on the untold thousands of animals that are killed so that more grouse can be shot for ‘sport’.

"It is not a comfortable read. It puts the spotlight on a perverse and cruel situation that is hidden from the public gaze and, in many cases, allowed by the Scottish Government. It calls for a major rethink about the way vast areas of Scotland are utilised. It calls for an end to indiscriminate cruelty, and it calls for an end to the unnecessary killing".

Chris Packham
TV Presenter, conservationist and OneKind Patron