If you have any concerns about the use of snares, anywhere in the UK, you can share them with us on the SnareWatch website.

You can tell us if your pet was caught in a snare, report findings of animals trapped in snares, raise concerns about possible illegal misuse of snares or simply let us know if you’re worried about snares you have seen in a particular area.

Snares are archaic traps used in Scotland and the rest of the UK, primarily to protect birds such as grouse and pheasants from foxes, so there is a surplus of these birds for people to shoot for ‘leisure’.

Snared badger

They can cause considerable physical and emotional suffering to the animals trapped in them, and yet these cruel devices are still perfectly legal across Scotland, Wales and the rest of the UK.

Our SnareWatch Annual Report 2022 aims to raise awareness of the level of suffering snares can cause to wild, farmed and companion animals. This report will highlight a selection of snaring, or suspected snaring, incidents from across the UK that were reported to SnareWatch in 2022.

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