30 animal welfare experts call on Scottish Government to prioritise salmon welfare 07-09-23

In a letter co-ordinated by OneKind and Animal Equality, 30 animal welfare experts called on the Scottish Government not to ‘sideline’ salmon welfare. Read more

How we helped animals in August 07-09-23

Continuing a busy summer of campaigning, we are pleased to bring you a rundown of campaign updates during August. Read more

Supporter guide for the Scottish Government's snaring consultation 04-09-23

The Scottish Government has proposed a snaring ban in Scotland. Please respond to the Scottish Government’s consultation on the use of snares and powers of Scottish SPCA inspectors, using our supporter guide. Read more

Meet the four-legged campaigner, Sasha 31-08-23

We would like to introduce you to the beautiful Sasha, but you may have seen her adorable face before as she is Scotland Against Greyhound Exploitation’s (SAGE) cover star. Read more

‘End dog racing in Scotland’ projected throughout Edinburgh and Glasgow last night 29-08-23

Last night, we projected text that read ‘End dog racing in Scotland’ onto Glasgow’s former racing track, Shawfield, Glasgow Green’s Mclennan Arch and Barras Market, below Edinburgh Castle and Edinburgh’s Lothian Road. Read more

Scottish Government announces plan to ban snares 22-08-23

This afternoon, the Scottish Government announced its plan to ban snares! Read more

How snares cause prolonged and painful suffering to animals 17-08-23

Snares inflict suffering in a myriad of ways and are indiscriminate in their victimisation. Read more

How we helped animals in July 15-08-23

As we take a look back at how we worked to help animals in July, we are pleased to bring you updates on the variety of ways you can get involved in supporting OneKind. Read more

A grim day out on the moor 08-08-23

Snares are such innocuous looking loops of wire. But placed across animal tracks or in gaps in vegetation, can cause immense physical and mental suffering to the animals trapped in them. Read more

Greyhound racing - why is it cruel? 01-08-23

The greyhound racing industry is rife with welfare issues such as injuries, deaths, doping and inadequate living conditions. This why greyhound racing must be phased out. Read more

How we helped animals in June 18-07-23

Following our last update on our campaign to ban snares, we are still awaiting the Scottish Government’s imminent verdict on banning snares. Read more